When people hear that I work in family law, the typical reaction is to assume that I only see the worst of people and that I must no longer believe in romantic relationships. While it is true that people often come to me during a difficult time, I have to respond to these assumptions by explaining that my clients actually inspire me and remind me that we can get through even the most difficult situations. The person who comes to see me for the first consultation is not the same person that I say good-bye to at the end of the case. Helping people through this process and witnessing the transformation is what makes me love working in family law. It is my goal to help you to resolve any family law issue with the least amount of stress as possible. 

Personal Experience

My personal experiences help me to understand the experiences of my clients. I grew up with a very extended family as a result of divorce, remarriage, and previous marriages. I now have a step-daughter of my own and am part of an extraordinary co-parenting team. 

Areas of Practice:

Family Law Mediation, including:

       - Divorce Mediation

       - Child Custody Mediation

       - Child Support Mediation

       - Spousal Support Mediation

        - Asset Division Mediation

Mediation Consultation

Preparation of Stipulated Judgment

Premarital Agreements (prenups)

Postnuptial Agreements

Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Domestic Partnership


Division of Property

Child Custody & Visitation

Child Support

Spousal Support