A Premarital Agreement (prenup) is an agreement between you and your fiance that details how you will manage your finances during marriage and also at the time of divorce. 

When you get married, California Family Law automatically applies to you. This means that there are rules governing property, support, etc., which will apply to you even if you do not know about it. Through a Premarital Agreement you and your fiance can decide for yourself how/if you want to these laws to apply to you. 

Do you need a Premarital Agreement? This of course depends on your personal finances and expectations for the marriage. Many people find it hard to know whether or not they need a Premarital Agreement since they do not have an understanding of California Family Law. Please call or e-mail me to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss California Family Law and whether or not a Premarital Agreement could be beneficial for you. 

For couples who are not married, but who still want an agreement regarding finances, property, and support, a Cohabitation Agreement might work for you. 

And for couples who married without an agreement and who now want an agreement, a Post-marital Agreement can address the same issues.

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