Divorce Mediation, Child Custody Mediation, Child Support Mediation:

Mediation is the process through which you and the other party reach a resolution together, without ever having to go before a Judge. As your mediator, I help to facilitate the discussions and provide both parties with legal information, including an explanation of the relevant law. I also provide structure to the process and bring the benefit of my many years of family law experience.

I can help you as much or as little as you need. Even if you do not ever go to court, there are still certain procedural requirements that apply and forms that might have to be completed. I can help you with your entire case and guide you from start to finish - from preparing the initial pleadings to the final written agreement. Or, we can meet more informally just to discuss one issue you might be having with the other party. 

In mediation, you are able to maintain control over the process and the resolution. You know what is best for you and for your family - why let a court make the decision?

In mediation, you and the other party work together with the goal of avoiding litigation. This means that you work together without the need of expensive attorneys and you avoid the high-stress conflict surrounding the litigated case.

In mediation, you can be creative! When a court makes a decision regarding a case, the court is required to follow the law and can be limited in its options. When you mediate, you can create your own solution. 


Occasionally people prefer to handle their family law case on their own, but still need someone available for questions. I call this divorce consultation or custody consultation (if the parties are not married) and am happy to help!

Please feel free to call me for a free consultation so that I can explain the mediation process to you in more detail.